Water Pollution is Hazardous to River Unicorns

WINNER: First Place

Taking a dive into the whimsical, this image was created during AmeriCorps week as a PR piece noting AmeriCorps' effort's in our local water quality program and promoting several stream cleanup programs. The narrative that accompanied this image was as follows:

"Water Pollution is Hazardous to River Unicorn's as well as fish, birds and people. AmeriCorps plays a vital role in keeping our streams, rivers and lakes clean here in Farragut and across the United States.

For opportunities for Stream Cleanups in the Town of Farragut, please contact Josh at americorps@townoffarragut.org. River Rescue is coming up in the near future and our Adopt-A-Stream program is always looking for citizens interested in protecting our local water resources."

Not necessarily the most obvious image to represent AmeriCorps as a whole, but certainly a whimsical way to interpret a local environmental issue and draw attention to AmeriCorps' role in addressing it.

In the circumstance that prize money is awarded for this image, it will go towards implementing an on-the-ground water quality project in the Town of Farragut, TN to be coordinated by our AmeriCorps Service member at that time.

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